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Saturday, September 20, 2008

And... we're back: UPnP console!

We break radio silence to announce our latest update: the UPnP console!

As you might have noticed, BitLet is able to communicate with UPnP-enabled gateways to request incoming connection forwarding (as this generally improves download performance).

Since this feature appears to be working fine, we thought it'd have been great to expose it as a stand-alone component.

The console is a tool that allows you to discover your UPnP-enabled router, and manage its port mappings without the need to access its administration interface.
With just a couple of clicks, you can ask your router to forward inbound connections (on the ports you specify) to the machine you're sitting at.

You can find more information (and a brief explanation of why this is useful) here.

Just a small notice: this feature is highly experimental. Although UPnP is a standard protocol, we've been able to test the console against a limited number of gateway devices.

Please post on the feedback forum if you encounter any issue.

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